Joy Reid mocks Trump's voter fraud claim: People won't vote once and now 3 million are voting twice?
Joy Reid (Photo: Screen capture)

MSNBC's Joy Reid went off on President Donald Trump for his claim this week that three million people, registered in two states, voted illegally in both.

"Look, this is a guy who loves conspiracy theories," Reid said, noting that it is odd to have an American president who peddles such theories. "He's now listening to some crank talk about his theory — it just so happens, not only were there 3 million — exactly the number Trump loses by — but all of them voted for Hillary Clinton."

Reid said that according to Phillips and Trump, it isn't a case where 3 million people could have voted illegally and they voted for a variety of candidates. Rather, according to this theory, every single one of them voted for Clinton over Trump.

"We have a country that is near the bottom in the western world for voter turnout," Reid continued. "We can't get people to vote once, but somehow, just Hillary Clinton managed to get some 3 million people to vote multiple times, only for her but she wasn't savvy enough to make them do it in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Michigan."

Coincidently, 3 million people is the number by which Trump lost the popular vote.

You can watch the full video below via MSNBC: