Khizr Khan rips ‘un-American’ Muslim ban: Trump is writing a ‘dark and ugly chapter’ into history
MSNBC host Joy Reid, Gold Star father Khazir Khan -- (MSNBC screen grab)

The father of a U.S. Muslim soldier who gave his life for his country in Iraq in 2004 ripped into President Donald Trump's executive order banning Syrian refugees and immigrants from Muslim-majority countries, calling the newly elected president "un-American" Sunday morning.

Appearing on MSNBC with host Joy Reid, Gold Star father Khizr Khan was unrelenting in his attack on Trump's executive order effectively excluding Muslims from entering the U.S.

"It must not be lost on you, sir, that the first two refugees to be kept out of this country, to be kept out of the United States by Trump's executive order are Iraqis who helped U.S. troops during the war," Reid asked Khan.

"I am so saddened for my country, for my nation, for the country and nation for which we have fought and that we continue to defend," Khan replied. "I invite Donald Trump and his racist and his Islamophobe coterie to go to the Arlington Cemetery and go to section 60, face all the tombstones there and if they have any shame, any shame at all, they should refrain from this un-American activity, un-American banning of Muslims, patriotic Muslims coming to the United states."

"We are equal citizens and we will remain equal citizens. We defend the values of this country. We defend the Constitution of this country and we will remain standing also on our side, the majority of this country on our side," the impassioned father continued. "Donald Trump never got the majority votes of this country, we have the majority vote of this country. This is the time for Republicans to stand up for their values, otherwise like Donald Trump they will be part of this dark chapter that he's trying to write, that he has surrounded himself with unpatriotic Americans."

Asked about the president's advisors, including Kellyanne Conway -- Michael Flynn --  Steve Bannon, Khan hammered them for lying to the public.

"They are operating my country, they are running this government by anecdotes, by alternativee facts. What is that?" he asked. "This is how they are going to be dealing with the dignity of this country, the dignity of this nation? This country, this nation still remains a beacon of hope and we will stand in their way now and forever to not let them violate the basic foundations, the basic values of this country. The majority of this country is on our side and these protests are a reflection of that. They should get used to it and they should begin to understand what true America is, the true values of this country. We remain standing and we shall prevail."

Khan later added, "This is an ugly chapter, this is an ugly beginning but we will fix it."

Watch the video below via MSNBC: