Al Gore saves CDC climate summit canceled under Trump: This 'shouldn’t be a political issue'
Former Vice President Al Gore (Photo: Frederic Legrand - COMEO / Shutterstock)

Climate Change crusader Al Gore has agreed to host a summit on climate change and health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

According to a report from The Hill, the original summit was organized by many different non-profit groups that teamed up with the American Public Health Association. The groups expected to discuss the impact global climate change can have on Americans' health.

The CDC canceled the summit out of caution following President Donald Trump's inauguration without giving a reason. The scientific community accused the CDC of canceling because they're afraid of Trump and his stance denying climate change and blaming the "hoax" on China.

“They tried to cancel this conference but it is going forward anyway,” former Vice President Gore said in a statement. “Today we face a challenging political climate, but climate shouldn’t be a political issue. Health professionals urgently need the very best science in order to protect the public, and climate science has increasingly critical implications for their day-to-day work. With more and more hot days, which exacerbate the proliferation of the Zika virus and other public health threats, we cannot afford to waste any time.”

The CDC is a department that falls under Health and Human Services that is soon expected to be lead by Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) if he is confirmed by the Senate. Price is also a climate change denier.

In a statement supporting legislation to stop the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating carbon dioxide, Price said: “This decision goes against all common sense, especially considering the many recent revelations of errors and obfuscation in the allegedly ‘settled science’ of global warming.”

Price frequently voted against tax cuts or incentives for renewable energy and instead has favored more oil exploration and drilling. He's also pledged to the Koch Brother's organization Americans for Prosperity to oppose climate change legislation.

Gore has made it his life's mission to help save the Earth from climate change. His documentary, "An Inconvenient Truth," won two Academy Awards and Gore is in talks about a possible sequel.