Tapper uses Spicer's own words to nail Trump administration's ironic objection to the word 'ban'
Jake Tapper CNN (Screengrab / CNN)

Jake Tapper cornered Sean Spicer on Monday over the White House Press Secretary’s insistence that Donald Trump’s immigration executive order is not a Muslim ban, using the president’s—and press secretary’s—own words against that administration talking point.

“Chaos has of course rippled from Washington D.C. to airports and foreign capitols around the world,” Tapper said, referring to the Trump Administration’s decision to fire acting Attorney General Sally Yates over her refusal to defend the executive order. “Today, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was complaining the members of the media are unfairly using the term ‘ban’ to describe the president’s action.”

Tapper then showed a clip of Spicer’s press conference, wherein the press secretary scolded the media for using the word “ban.”

“Okay, but I could have sworn I heard somebody in the Trump Administration using the term ban before—was it possibly President Trump on Twitter?” Tapper asked coyly, displaying this tweet on the screen:

Referring to Spicer’s argument that the president is “using the term that the media’s using,” Tapper noted, “It seems odd though, if you object to the term you shouldn’t use it, right?” He then played a clip of Spicer himself referring to the executive order as a “ban.”

“Okay but to be fair, that was Sean Spicer on Sunday,” Tapper said. “Surely he has not used the term since then, such as—I don’t know—last night when he spoke at George Washington University.“

The host then showed a video from last night, showing the White House press secretary clearly calling the executive order a “ban.”

“Okay, everybody clear now?” Tapper asked. “Nobody should follow the lead of the biased media and call the executive action a ban. Instead, follow the White House and call it a ban.”

Watch the clip below, via CNN: