'There hasn't been a nuclear war yet': Kayleigh McEnany stuns CNN panel with joke about Trump's tweets
Kayleigh McEnany, Hilary Rosen, Alice Stewart, Bakari Sellers -- CNN screengrab

Trump advocate Kayleigh McEnany stunned a CNN panel on Tuesday night by jokingly defending the president-elect's Twitter habits, saying, "There hasn't been a nuclear war yet."

During a discussion with host Don Lemon on Trump tweeting threats at North Korea's Kim Jung Un, CNN regular Bakari Sellers took McEnany to task for Trump's "dangerous" rhetoric.

"I agree with you, no idea why the media covers them the way they do" Sellers said. "They lack context, do a disservice to the American public and I don't think they're newsworthy."

"That's first," he continued. "Second, they're dangerous. Donald Trump's tweets are dangerous. Good friend Kayleigh just casually talked about a tweet of North Korea sending a ballistic missile to the United States. You simply can't do that as President of the United States and dealing with diplomacy and more importantly with nuclear weapons. I think everyone wants Donald Trump to step up to the mantle of President of the United States and he can use social media in provocative and good ways. But foreign policy and some of the dangerous things he tweets out, it deserves more than 140 characters."

"And we're still here," McEnany glibly replied. "There hasn't been a nuclear war yet," at which point the entire panel could be heard exclaiming.

"Don't say 'yet,'" Lemon admonished her, as Sellers chimed in saying, "I mean, that's a horrible statement."

"I'm making a joke," McEnany continued. "I'm being satirical to illustrate a point about these apocalyptic predictions. I don't think it's controversial for a president-elect to come out on twitter and say that 'North Korea is not going to send a missile here' is a pretty uncontroversial statement. But you call it casual because came out on Twitter. But my earlier point is there will be diplomatic communications going on behind the scenes and for the president-elect to put out a topline message on Twitter, I don't think that's a big deal."

"But it is," Sellers bluntly told her.

Watch the video below via CNN: