'Young Turk' Cenk Uygur calls for Trump's impeachment over Sally Yates: 'What choice do we have?'
Cenk Uygur (YouTube)

Cenk Uygur of "The Young Turks" said Donald Trump had triggered a constitutional crisis with only one real remedy: impeachment.

Trump fired the acting attorney general, Sally Yates, on Monday night when the Obama appointee refused to disobey a court order halting enforcement of an executive order banning travelers from certain majority-Muslim nations from entering the U.S.

“A federal court tells you, you are not allowed to do that,” Uygur said. “Do you respect the rule of law or don’t you respect it?”

Uygur accused the Trump administration of violating the constitutional check on executive power by the judicial branch -- and he said the legislative branch should execute its own check on executive overreach.

“We have a President who says ‘I don’t follow the law, I don’t care, I’m already sitting in the seat,’” Uygur said. “There really isn’t any other legal action to be taken against the President who won’t follow the law other than impeachment.”

“If you break the law and you refuse to comply with court orders, what choice do we have?” he added.