Sen. Mitch McConnell (R - KY) delivered a speech at the Lawrenceburg Chamber of Commerce in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky on Tuesday, and it looks like someone organizing the event put strict rules in place regarding what attendees could and could not do.

Adam Beam, a Kentucky State House reporter for the Associated Press, posted a photo of a sign displayed outside the location of McConnell's speech that warned attendees that they were not allowed to make video recordings of the event or bring in signs of any kind.

The sign also warned attendees that "no yelling or abusive language will be tolerated" at the senator's speech, while also noting at only people with "confirmed RSPVs" (sic) would be allowed in.

Local news station WLKY reports that protesters had gathered for hours outside the American Legion outpost where McConnell was scheduled to speak. The protesters demanded that McConnell hold President Donald Trump accountable, and said they wanted him to do more to listen to average Kentuckians.