Grandmother who blistered McConnell at town hall booted from second one -- and blasts him on CNN
CNN host Brooke Baldwin, Kentucky grandmother Rose Mudd Perkins -- CNN screengrab

The Kentucky woman who made national news on Tuesday after dressing down Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) at a town hall visited with CNN's Brooke Baldwin after she was tossed from a second one and delivered her message to the senator on national TV instead.

According to Rose Mudd Perkins, she was initially embarrassed by the attention her impassioned attack on the senator attracted, but said job losses and the environment are too important of subjects to leave unaddressed.

"The politicians, the various politicians have lied and lied and lied to Kentucky, not to mention the country," Perkins explained. "Those jobs are not coming back and they know they're not coming back. But they tell them and they get their votes and now they have to tell us we have to ruin the environment so we can get industry here? Okay. Let Kentucky, aside from being the number one in food stamp recipients, let's also be the dirtiest place we can possibly be because that will bring back industry? No it wont!"

Baldwin jumped in to explain Perkin's personal story, pointing out that the Kentucky resident lost her son to heroin addiction and that she is currently unemployed."

"I still live in a nice big house and I have a good life but a lot of people aren't going to be fine and this really concerns me," Perkins related. " I lose sleep over it sometimes. I mean, this is about people and you can't sell us off for your campaign donations and that's what they have been doing -- both parties. They're not doing anything for the people of Kentucky."

She then turned back to McConnell and added, "This is his job, he was elected to serve."

According to Perkins she was tossed from a subsequent McConnell town hall while attempting take a picture, remarking: "I'm just a grandmother, I'm not a threat."

Since she was not able to address McConnell again, Baldwin allowed her to speak to him directly on TV, with the Kentucky grandmother righteously blasting him one more time.

"Mitch McConnell you need to listen to people. You forgot what you are there for and have outlived lived your usefulness," she began. "I'm sorry sir, I respect you as a human being but that's about all. You need to get some integrity. I'm asking you to hire me because you need a conscience. Hire me and I will be your conscience because you don't appear to have one and it's concerning. This is America, this is Kentucky."

Watch the video below via CNN: