‘Great news on the job front!’: Watch Fox and Friends give Trump credit for Obama's last jobs report
Former Fox News anchor Heather Nauert

In January, 2017, the economy added 227,000 new jobs, marking the final jobs report of the Obama presidency.

However, Media Matters said, on Friday morning, the Fox and Friends crew lavished praise on the report, hailing it as Pres. Donald Trump's first economic victory.

However, Trump was only president for 11 of January's 31 days and the data for this report was gathered before his swearing-in as chief executive.

Fox and Friends host Heather Nauert said that “the first jobs report under President Trump” is "fantastic news" and held it up as proof that Trump's presidency is already boosting the economy.

This is "great news on the job front," she crowed.

"Unfortunately for Fox’s pro-Trump narrative," wrote Alex Morash at Media Matters, "the job creation in this report does not belong to his administration. University of Chicago economist Austan Goolsbee, a former chairman of President Obama's Council of Economic Advisors, pointed out that the 'reference week' for the latest jobs data ran through January 12, meaning the entire report predates the Trump administration by over a week. Washington Post reporter Glenn Kessler, who runs the paper's fact-checking research, also noted that the report 'still reflects the Obama administration.' Fox also neglected to mention that the report marks 76 consecutive months of job growth -- the longest on record -- for Obama."

Watch the video, embedded below: