'I got nothing': CNN panel calls Trump presser a '1 hr and 15 min episode' of 'latest reality show’
Ana Navarro and CNN panel on Feb. 16 2017 (Screen capture)

After Pres. Donald Trump's bonkers press conference on Thursday, CNN contributor Ana Navarro said the former reality TV star is using his television skills to distract the media and the public from his administration's questionable relationship with Russia.

"The guy gave us a one hour and 15 performance to distract us," Navarro said, "and he did. In fact. He knew he was doing it to a level that he even told us I'm going to go watch TV and there's going to be people saying I was ranting and I was raving and unhinged. He was performing."

"You know what we're not talking about? The explosive report from yesterday that there were campaign aides of his allegedly colluding with Russia," she said.

"Oh, yes, we have, my friend," said anchor Brooke Baldwin. "Let me just say we have been talking about that."

Navarro countered that the panel is still trying to process the "whiplash" they got trying to follow the convoluted, contentious ramblings of the chief executive.

"He knows we'll chase those shiny objects," she said. "He baited us."

"We just saw a one hour and 15 minute episode of the latest reality show of Trump presidency," Navarro said.

Reliable Sources host Brian Stelter said, "If the president was trying to distract us, I don't think he succeeded because the journalists in the room from NBC and CBS and ABC and the other networks were asking tough questions about Russia and and Gen. Flynn."

Baldwin asked CIA officer Mike Baker for his thoughts on the press conference.

"I think I got nothing," Baker said. "I'm like everybody else trying to process the press conference so this may be way outside my pay grade."

Watch the video, embedded below: