Jake Tapper issues plea directly to Trump: 'You won the presidency, now get to work and stop whining'
Jake Tapper (CNN / Screengrab)

CNN’s Jake Tapper on Thursday continued his brutal takedown of Donald Trump’s bizarre press conference, telling Wolf Blitzer the president’s performance was “very difficult to assess in a positive way.”

“Everybody at home needs to ask themselves, how would you react if that were your boss, coming in and giving a speech to the employees where you work,” Tapper said. “How would you react if that was somebody in your family that you were trying to have a conversation with?”

“You would think this is very difficult to assess in a positive way,” he continued. “This person is not dealing in the world in which we live.”

Tapper then turned to Trump’s contentious exchange with NBC reporter Peter Alexander over what the president inaccurately claims to be an historic victory in the electoral college. The CNN reporter said Trump tried—and failed—to deflect questions regarding his credibility by insisting “somebody gave” him that false information.

“The buck stops there?” an incredulous Tapper asked. “Is that where we are with this presidency? You said it—own the words. You’re wrong.”

Tapper said the real issue isn’t over Trump’s electoral college lie, it’s the fact that the presidency is “still fixated” on whether or not he legitimately won the election.

That’s when Tapper turned directly to the president and issued this plea:

“President Trump if you’re watching, you legitimately won the presidency. Now get to work and stop whining about it.”

Watch the video below, via CNN: