John Oliver: Trump's election was the exactly the trainwreck 'I thought it was going to be'
John Oliver, Stephen Colbert -- (CBS screenshot)

Late Show host Stephen Colbert was joined by fellow Daily Show alum John Oliver on Tuesday night and the two comedians had a few things to say about the presidency of Donald Trump.

Oliver, whose HBO show Last Week Tonight has become a weekly must watch documenting the rise of Trump pointed out that before Inauguration Day it was, "Like being tied to a train track, watching the train coming. And then, of course, Inauguration Day is the train hitting you and you're thinking, 'yup, that felt pretty much how I thought it was going to be.'"

The two also ruminated on the coming decline of the American empire under Trump, with the British comedian comparing it to England which is now down to "The Falkland Islands, Bermuda and nuclear weapons."

Watch the video below via CBS: