Michael Eric Dyson: Trump acts like Frederick Douglass 'is a second baseman for the Baltimore Orioles'
Michael Eric Dyson appears on CNN Newsroom (Screen capture)

Georgetown University professor and author Michael Eric Dyson said on CNN Thursday that Pres. Donald Trump lacks a deep knowledge of many issues and that American black culture is only one of them.

Dyson pointed to Trump's gaffe at a Wednesday appearance commemorating Black History Month in which the president praised 19th century civil rights pioneer and abolitionist Frederick Douglass without appearing to have any idea who Douglass was.

"This president doesn't know much about so many different issues and this is only one of them," Dyson said. "It seemed to be that Frederick Douglass was a second baseman for the Baltimore Orioles, 'a guy who's getting more recognition and more recognition.'"

"That could be an acceptable faux pas," Dyson said, but in the context of Trump's remarks on the campaign trail about black America, it shows that his knowledge and understanding of the community is lacking.

"He meets with well-known entertainers and former athletes and avoids meeting with serious political figures who might offer a critical edge from their particular perspectives or some feedback that might be helpful toward public policy and the like," Dyson said.

Instead, he said, Trump seeks out individuals who echo the views he already holds of the black community.

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