Mike Pence embarrassingly tells EU: Trump attacks media 'when they play fast and loose with facts'
Mike Pence speaks in Brussels (MSNBC/screen grab)

Vice President Mike Pence said on Monday that President Donald Trump has been forced to attack the media because the press plays "fast and loose with the facts."

At a press conference with European leaders in Brussels, the U.S. vice president was asked to give NATO allies assurance that freedom of the press was not in jeopardy after Trump recently called the media an "enemy" of the people.

"Rest assured," Pence replied. "Both the president and I strongly support a free and independent press."

"But you can anticipate that the president and all of us will continue to call out the media when they play fast and loose with the facts," he added. "The truth is we have in President Trump someone who has a unique ability to speak directly to the American people."

"And when the media gets it wrong, I promise you, President Trump will take his case straight to the American people to set the record straight."

Watch the video below from MSNBC, broadcast Feb. 20, 2017.