'Not about sexual predators!': Kayleigh McEnany slapped down in heated CNN transgender panel
Sally Quinn debates Kayleigh McEnany on CNN (Screen cap).

CNN on Thursday had a heated panel discussion on transgender rights in which Democrat Christine Quinn made a passionate defense of allowing transgender teens to use the bathrooms of their choice.

After Republican Kayleigh McEnany said that she was concerned about "sexual predators" taking advantage of rules allowing transgender students to use any public restroom that they want, Quinn lit into her for making a cheap excuse for repealing a policy that has helped some of the country's most vulnerable teenagers feel more accepted.

"People who are rapists and sexual predators take care of any loophole at any moment they can," she said. "They will tragically track children on the street, come up behind women on the street. This is not about sexual predators -- it is about equality for transgender students."

Quinn then went on to note that McEnany's argument in favor of "states rights" for deciding transgender bathroom rules is "what people who are attempting to discriminate fall back on."

McEnany replied that she agreed with Quinn that sexual predators will take advantage of every loophole the law gives them -- and said that this was why the government should avoid giving them a new one by letting transgender students use their preferred bathrooms.

Watch the whole segment below.