Seth Meyers: Trump went to the Museum of African American History to find Obama's birth certificate
Seth Meyers talks about African American History Museum trip (Photo: Screen capture)

In his "Late Night" opening, Seth Meyers knocked Trump's recent visit to the Museum of African American History, claiming President Donald Trump was really only going to see if he could find President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Trump also had dinner with Vice President Mike Pence in the White House dining room on Tuesday. "Pence said grace and Trump said, 'There were 1.5 million people at my inauguration,'" Meyers joked.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer also answered questions about Trump's mass-deportation policy, saying that it was not the goal of the administration. "Said the White House, 'It's pronounced mas — mucho mas deportation,'" Meyers joked.

Spicer also refuted claims on Tuesday that retired Admiral Robert Harward turned down an offer to take over as National Security Advisor for financial reasons. "Well, what he said was, 'I wouldn't do that job for all the money in the world,'" Meyers said.

Oddly enough, Pence spoke in front of a crowd in Brussels, Belgium, while standing with an American flag that had 51 stars on it. Meyers explained that the extra star was there to represent the new U.S. state: panic.

Watch the jokes below: