Stunned Anderson Cooper hammers Jeffrey Lord: Can Trump do anything 'that you would ever criticize?'
Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Lord (CNN/YouTube)

CNN host Anderson Cooper questioned commentator and Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord on Thursday night over his habit of always coming to the defense of President Donald Trump. The two discussed Trump's heated press conference during which the president was called out by a reporter from NBC about spreading lies while also referring to the media as "fake news."

The reporter pointed to Trump lying about his "historic" Electoral College victory — he claimed falsely that his Electoral College win was the largest margin since Ronald Reagan’s.

Lord explained that what happened at Thursday's presser was the "launch of a new reality television show called 'Beat the Press,'" to which Cooper asked, "turning the White House into a reality TV show — is that good for the country?" Lord then went off into a tangent about whether or not TV in general is good for country, telling Cooper, "if it's not, you and I and everybody on the panel, not to mention all the experts are gone-zo."

Cooper shot back, "Is there anything Donald Trump could do that you would ever criticize?" Lord then claimed he called the president on his lies about the Electoral College, and said, "I just said he made a mistake with the business about the Electoral College. Sure, he made a mistake. How's that? Is that good?" he said, laughing.

"I don't know if it's good or not," Cooper replied.

Lord appeared on an earlier panel with CNN's Jake Tapper and Wolf Blitzer where he defended the president's press conference as "relaxed," "funny," "on point," before then attacking the media outlet.

Watch his full exchange with Cooper below.