'They need a Fake History Month': 'The View' mocks Kellyanne Conway's 'Bowling Green Massacre'
'The View' makes fun of Kellyanne Conway's fictitious 'Bowling Green Massacre' (Screen cap).

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway is still facing ridicule for her promotion of the fictitious "Bowling Green massacre" as a justification for President Donald Trump's travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.

The crew from The View has some fun at Conway's expense on Friday, and mocked her for once again saying something that has no basis in reality.

"To be clear, this is another alt-fact," co-host Whoopi Goldberg said of the nonexistent massacre mentioned by Conway on MSNBC on Thursday night.

Goldberg then went on to explain that the Obama administration, after discovering that two al Qaeda supporters posing as refugees managed to enter the United States, tightened up vetting requirements for people coming over from Iraq.

"An Iraqi citizen has not come to this country and done jack-poo for many, many, many years," she explained.

Co-host Sunny Hostin also took issue with Conway's comparison of Obama's 2011 actions regarding the Iraqi refugee program and what the Trump administration enacted last week.

"He did not have a ban," she emphasized. "What he did was, he made the vetting process more robust. And some people would say that the United States has the most robust vetting process for people coming in, in fact it's a two-year process."

"You know, they need to have a Fake History Month, like you have with African-American History Month," joked co-host Joy Behar.

"Every day is a Fake History Month," replied Goldberg.

Check out the full segment below.