Kellyanne Conway has Twitter tantrum against media for calling BS on 'Bowling Green Massacre'
Kellyanne Conway speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Kellyanne Conway is still getting mocked for citing a fictitious massacre in Bowling Green, Ken., to justify President Donald Trump's travel ban on seven Muslim-majority countries.

Conway decided to shoot back at her media critics on Friday morning by sending out a series of tweets that defended the basic premise of her argument, while also acknowledging that there was never a terrorist attack in Bowling Green.

"On Hardballan old ABC News report, I meant to say 'Bowling Green terrorists,'" Conway said, before linking to about an FBI investigation into refugees living in Bowling Green who were suspected of having terrorist ties.

The FBI in 2013 decided to investigate whether "dozens" of terrorists had inadvertently been let into the United States while posing as Iraqi refugees. The FBI began the investigation after it was revealed that two Iraqi refugees in Bowling Green were caught sending money to fund al Qaeda in Iraq to use in the terrorist group's fight against the American military.

As Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale points out, however, the FBI investigation didn't turn up any additional terrorists posing as refugees, despite fears that several more had been mistakenly let into the country.

Nonetheless, Conway decided that this vindicated her, and she called out a reporter on The Today Show who criticized her for falsely describing the incident as a "massacre."

She then went on to praise herself for showing "class" and "grace" in dealing with reporters who make mistakes, whereas most reporters publicly mock her when she makes mistakes.