'This guy lies all of the time!': Bernie Sanders rails against 'pathological liar' Trump
Bernie Sanders (Photo: Screen capture)

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) told CNN's Erin Burnet Friday that he's concerned about the news that Gen. Michael Flynn may have broken the law. He went so far as to call Flynn's conversation with the Russian government "very very troubling."

In a quick Q&A aboard Air Force One, President Donald Trump told reporters that he hasn't read the report that detailed Gen. Flynn's alleged conversations with the Russians prior to Trump taking office.

"Maybe he's been watching CNN 'Fake News,' what do you think?" Sanders joked. "It's a very troubling development and it speaks to the broader issue of Russia's involvement in our elections. It speaks to the issue of President Trump being buddy, buddy with a thug and a murderer, who is the head of Russia. And now we're learning there may have been discussions between Flynn and the Russians about sanctions."

Sanders also railed against Trump for attacking the media and calling it "fake news" as well as calling a member of the Judiciary a "so-called judge." He went on to say that he's concerned the country is moving into a more authoritarian mode.

He outright called Trump a hypocrite for claiming that he would stand up for the rights of everyday Americans, save Medicare and Social Security as well as a variety of other policies but that he has appointed members of his cabinet who want to see such programs cut.

When asked about Democrats who have questioned whether Trump has mental health issues, Sanders said that he's never attacked Trump for being mentally ill. "I called him delusional when he claimed there were three to five million illegal immigrants voting in the election," Sanders said. "I've used the words 'pathological liar' to describe Donald Trump. I don't feel good about it. I disagreed with George W. Bush all the time, never called him a pathological liar because he was not, just a conservative president. But this guy lies all of the time. So, we are in kind of a new era."

He went on to say that both the media and Democrats are struggling with how to navigate how to handle someone who lies like that and ultimately will figure it out.

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