Trump just told the Pennsylvania AG that anti-Semitic threats may be false flag operations
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro came away baffled after President Donald Trump told him in a meeting that some of the anti-Semitic threats to Jewish Community Centers might be false flag operations.

As reported by BuzzFeed's Chris Geidner, the president told Shapiro that while he was horrified by reports of threats against Jewish institutions, he also said that "sometimes it's the reverse," where the threat was made simply "to make others look bad."

Reporter Anna Orso notes that, during his chat with reporters, "Shapiro stopped short of saying Trump thinks his supporters are being framed for bomb threats," although the Pennsylvania attorney general "seems to think that's what he meant."

As reported by Geidner, Shaprio said that Trump's statement "didn't make sense," and said he hoped the president would clarify during his address before Congress on Tuesday evening.

Trump's suggestion that anti-Semitic threats might be being made by people who want to make "others look bad" comes shortly after longtime adviser Anthony Scaramucci hinted that it was actually Democrats who may be responsible for the threats against the JCCs.

Recent weeks have seen an uptick in not only anti-Semitic threats against JCCs and synagogues, but also vandalism against Jewish cemeteries.