WATCH: CNN's feed from North Korea cut as reporter points out people are starving while they build missiles
Will Ripley just before feed was cut -- screenshot

A report by CNN's Will Ripley on North Korea's missile program was cut short when his feed was apparently cut by the host country after he mentioned citizens of the secretive country were starving.

Speaking with OutFront host Erin Burnett, Ripley was well into his report on the latest developments on North Korea's missile program, however when he described the fact that North Koreans are starving the feed was cut and a test pattern appeared for approximately twenty seconds before CNN switched back to a surprised Burnett.

On Twitter, the Pyongyang-based Ripley wrote, "Serious issues with our live signal here in #NorthKorea. Seems they are having better luck w/ missile development than internet connectivity."

The country's head, Kim Jong Un, is also dealing with reports of the  mysterious death of his half brother Kim Jong Nam who died suddenly in Malaysia.

Watch the video below via CNN: