Watch: Kayleigh McEnany gets into shouting match with CNN conservative after he calls Conway 'laughable'
Kayleigh McEnany, Matt Lewis -- (CNN screen grab)

Trump advocate Kayleigh McEnany and a fellow conservative got into a shouting match Tuesday night when she attempted to defend the president's habit of lying right after she grew offended that he called Kellyanne Conway's earlier CNN interview, "laughable."

During a panel discussion on Conway's interview with CNN's Jake Tapper, conservative CNN regular Matt Lewis accused the Conway of having "five schticks" when it comes to answering questions from the media.

Addressing the Tapper interview, Lewis explained, "Here I think she was playing the 'This has all been a big mistake' act and I think it was pretty laughable."

Before McEnany was allowed to respond, host Anderson Cooper pointed out that Trump promised that he "would never lie" while on the campaign trail, before adding, "Daily there are things that are demonstrably false coming from the White House."

McEnany attempted to defend Trump's assertion that "The U.S. had the biggest increase in the murder rate in 45 years, and not more murders,"  but that "he left out one word,  'increase' in murder rate -- not murder rate."

This elicited an "Oh, c'mon" from the off-screen Lewis.

As McEany attempted to press the argument that Trump, "Needs to be more careful with respect to nuance and make sure every word matters," Lewis cut her off.

"Respect nuance? It's precision. Details, words matter," he shot back.

"I know you said you thought her [Conway's] performance was laughable," McEnany parried.

"It was, for a spinmeister it was good," Lewis shot back.

McEnany returned to defending Trump saying "It isn't just that Donald Trump cited a statistic wrong--"

"He lies," Lewis shouted. "He lies. And then she tries to go on up against a journalist and can't pull it off."

Watch the video below via CNN: