WATCH: Kellyanne Conway accuses Australia of leaking Trump’s belligerent phone call with prime minister
Kellyanne Conway (CNN)

News broke on Wednesday evening that President Donald Trump had angrily berated Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull last week over a deal that his government struck with the Obama administration to accept 1,250 refugees.

Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway went on Fox & Friends on Thursday and took a veiled shot at one of America's most stalwart allies for leaking the transcript of Trump yelling at their own prime minister.

"This is the practice for us, though -- we're the ones not leaking," Conway told the program. "You saw it with the earlier reports, you see it here. You're a little bit hamstrung when you're the ones upholding the law or, more frankly, upholding a gentlemen's agreement to not release."

When asked by the Fox & Friends who did release the transcript, Conway gave a cagey reply.

"Well, you can make your own conclusions," she said, implying that if the Trump team didn't leak the call, it must have been Australia.

Check out the full clip below.