WATCH: Tom Cotton's staffers cower behind door as constituents seek answers on Obamacare
Acrtivist Sarah Scanlon speaking to Cotton staffer behind door -- (YouTube screen grab)

Following a day in which staffer's at Sen. Tom Cotton's office (R-AR) abruptly canceled a meeting with constituents to discuss the Affordable Care Act, now those same staffers won't even meet face to face with anyone.

In video captured by the Arkansas Times, LGBTQ activist Sarah Scanlon and four other Arkansas citizens attempted to meet with someone at Cotton's Little Rock office only to be greeted by a locked door.

According to Scanlon she and the others had been attempting to contact their senator by phone at his Washington D.C. office and locally, but that nobody was picking up and the voicemail boxes were full.

"They've turned off their telephones," she said. "They've locked their doors, they're not letting you in."

In the video, Scanlon knocks on the door only to eventually be greeted by a disembodied voice saying there are no meetings scheduled, and they are not scheduling any new one due to "threats against the office."

The unidentified spokesperson for the Senator did say that she would be willing to take a message and pass it on to Cotton, after Scanlon pointed out, "I'm no threat to the senator or his staff."

"I understand, ma'am," the spokeswoman replied. "I'm just passing along what I've been told."

On Tuesday, a meeting to discuss the Affordable Care Act with citizen's group Ozark Indivisible -- originally scheduled on January 17th in place of a town hall --was canceled without notice.

Watch the video below, posted to YouTube, by the Arkansas Times: