'What are you talking about?':Tapper slaps down Trump advocate claiming non-existent interview was cancelled
Roger Stone, Jake Tapper -- screenshots

Roger Stone, one of Donald Trump's biggest boosters, took to Twitter Monday night to complain that CNN's Jake Tapper inexplicably cancelled an interview slated for Tuesday.

According to Tapper, he has no idea what Stone is talking about.

Stone, whose stock in trade has been conspiracy theories, was banished from most cable shows during the late days of the election before appearing infrequently with Infowars' Alex Jones to peddle whatever stories he was selling.

At a time when President Trump has declared war on CNN, accusing the network of "fake news" and withholding key spokespeople from appearing, Stone appeared to be accusing the network of bias by tweeting, "CNN canceled my interview with @jaketapper tomorrow- further proof CNN is not a news organization but shameless purveyors of fake news."

Not one to shy away from a fight -- or a false accusation -- Tapper responded in kind on Twitter, writing: "@RogerJStoneJr respectfully, no one on my staff has any idea what you're talking about. With whom were you speaking?"

Having made the accusation, and hearing back from Tapper, Stone failed to back up his accusation over six hours later.

See the tweets below: