Allegations of sex party priests and prostitution rock the Catholic Church
Catholic priest (Shuttershock)

An ungodly scandal is erupting across various parishes in Italy as priests have been accused of engaging in orgies, porn, and sex parties. The Religion News Service reported allegations in a number of cities in Italy, for instance in Naples, where a priest was suspended after reportedly holding gay orgies and paying for sex from online partners.

Rev. Mario D’Orlando was suspended after a bishop in Naples received an anonymous letter detailing the allegations. A spokesperson told the Religion News Service that D'Orlando was "removed from his position while the investigation is underway."

In another Italian city, in Padua, Rev. Andrea Contin may lose his status after he was accused of engaging in sexual activity with 30 different people. Bishop Claudio Cipolla said, "I am incredulous and pained by the accusations," calling the acts "unacceptable" for a "priest, a Christian and even for a man." A woman who claimed to be Contin's lover said he carried sex toys and bondage equipment.

Pope Francis, aware of the allegations, has spoken out, calling on priests to resist the temptations of lust. He said, "Temptation is always present in our lives. Moreover, without temptation you cannot progress in faith."

According to Alberto Melloni, a professor of church history who spoke with the outlet, "There is no sin that a cleric doesn’t commit. Scandals to me seem quite normal. And I think the illusion of stopping scandals through better selection of personnel is not very promising and has not yielded great results."