CNN calls out Sean Spicer’s spin: Yes, Republicans are ramming Trumpcare through Congress
CNN's Jim Acosta talks about Congress "jamming through" TrumpCare (Screen cap).

Republicans often accused Democrats of "ramming" the Affordable Care Act through Congress, despite the fact that its passage was an arduous, months-long process.

The Congressional Republican replacement plan, in contrast, has zipped through congressional committees ever since its introduction on Monday, and it's expected to be voted on by the full House of Representatives by the end of next week.

CNN's Jim Acosta on Thursday called out White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer for slamming the Democrats for supposedly ramming Obamacare through Congress while ignoring the incredibly fast timeline the GOP has set up for itself with its replacement bill.

"When you have committee chairs working through the night, when you have members of Congress being asked to weigh in on a proposal that has not been scored by the Congressional Budget Office... that pretty much meets the definition of jamming things through," Acosta during a CNN segment that took place just after Spicer's daily press briefing. "So the White House may be saying we're not jamming it through, but they are jamming it through. they want this on a fast track because they know how incredibly difficult this is going to be with so many conservatives."

Watch the whole video below.