Ex-NSA analyst: Intel sources say White House 'targeting journalists' with 'help from Russian intel'
CNN's Jim Acosta confronts Donald Trump at a White House press conference (screen grab)

Former NSA analyst John Schindler, who now is a national security columnist for the Observer, reported on Tuesday that his sources in the intelligence community believe that President Donald Trump's White House is colluding with Russian intelligence to "target journalists."

In a tweet on Tuesday, Schindler revealed: "Learned fm very reliable IC sources that Trump WH, w/help fm Russian intel, is targeting US journalists."

Although Schindler provided no additional details, it's no secret that Trump has all but declared war on the media during his first 45 days in office. However, the president has embraced conservative media sources like Fox News, Breitbart and various right-wing blogs.

In one case, the White House tried to punish Politico reporter Alex Isenstadt by planting a false story accusing him of laughing at the death of a Navy SEAL. Trump has called the media "fake news" and "an enemy of the people."

"The fake news doesn’t tell the truth,” Trump told a group of conservatives last month. “It doesn’t represent the people, it doesn’t and never will represent the people, and we’re going to do something about it.”