House Intel chief Nunes refuses to say if he got his spying revelations from the Trump administration
Republican congressman Devin Nunes (Latvian Foreign Ministry/Flickr)

House Intelligence chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) on Thursday refused to reveal the sources for his claim that members of the Trump transition team appeared in U.S. intelligence reports.

"As you know, we have to keep our sources and methods here very, very quiet," he told reporters. "I've told the American public several times we want people to bring us information if they have it. Over the course of this investigation, we've had many sources who have come to this committee. And as you can imagine, some -- many -- don't want you or anyone to know who they are. I think you guys in the press understand this. You have your own sources."

The congressman, who was a member of Trump's transition team, said his decision to brief the media and President Donald Trump before the ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee was a “judgment call.”

Nunes also refused to say if his sources were from the Trump administration itself.

"We are not going to ever reveal sources or if not, who is ever going to come down to the committee?"

Nunes said Wednesday that some Trump's transition team was swept up in "incidental" surveillance targeting foreigners.

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