'How is this not nepotism?': CNN panel says Ivanka Trump appointment makes US look like a 'monarchy'
Norm Eisen and Jason Miller debate Ivanka Trump's appointment on CNN (Screen cap).

Ivanka Trump on Wednesday officially became an unpaid White House employee, which has led to charges that she is only getting a job in the administration because she's the daughter of the president.

During a CNN panel on Thursday, host Alisyn Camerota asked Trump supporter Jason Miller to justify the president giving his own daughter a top job at the White House by asking him, "How is this not nepotism?"

"How is it nepotism?" Miller shot back.

"She's the daughter of the president, that's how it's nepotism!" Camerota replied.

"No, because she's working for free," Miller explained.

"So because she's not collecting a salary, it skirts nepotism laws?" Camerota asked.

"Everybody, from the White House counsel to the DOJ, says this doesn't violate nepotism rules," Miller replied.

Panelist Norm Eisen, however, said that whether it technically violates nepotism laws is beside the point.

"Do we really want a country that is run like a monarchy where you have the throne flanked by family members?" he asked. "Or do we want people in the Oval Office whose first loyalty will be to the country, not to the man sitting behind the desk?"

Watch the whole segment below.