'I'm not Nostradamus here': Man behind Trump's wiretap claim says he can't prove Obama did it
Mark Levin speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Radio host Mark Levin, who sent President Donald Trump into a rage on Twitter after floating a conspiracy theory about wiretaps ordered by President Barack Obama, admitted on Sunday that he had no concrete proof that the former president was involved.

On his radio show and in a column for Breitbart, Levin called for an investigation into Obama's so-called "silent coup" against the new president. Without presenting any proof, Levin alleged that Obama personally ordered wiretaps of Trump associates.

"The evidence is overwhelming," Levin told Fox News host Pete Hegseth on Sunday. "This is about the Obama administration's spying."

Levin repeated the list of "sources" offered in his Breitbart column as proof that Obama allegedly ordered the wiretapping of Trump's team. A careful reading of those reports, however, do not back up Levin's conspiracy theory.

"Donald Trump is being attacked for [the accusations] he tweeted," Levin said. "Donald Trump is the victim, his campaign is the victim, his transition team is the victim, his surrogates are the victim. These are police state tactics."

When pressed for details on President Obama's personal involvement, Levin replied, "I'm not Nostradamus here."

The conspiracy theorist argued that any investigation against Trump would be unfair because Obama and Democrats had "squirreled their appointees into the bureaucracy."

"We know now why they call you 'The Great One,'" Hegseth concluded as the interview ended.

Watch the video below from Fox News, broadcast March 5, 2017.