Mark Cuban: Trump can't stop White House leaks because he 'cocoons' himself from dissenters
Mark Cuban on CNN - screengrab

Appearing on CNN's The Lead, billionaire businessman Mark Cuban suggested that - for all of his negotiating skills -- President Donald Trump is a lousy communicator who forces White House insiders to leak information to the press when they disagree with him.

"Let's talk about the Trump administration," host Tapper asked. "You obviously were a big supporter of Hillary Clinton. We're about seven weeks into the Trump administration. What do you think?"

"No leadership skills, no communication skills, but he's obviously had an impact on the economy so he gets credit for that," Cuban replied.

"Let's talk about, you said no leadership skills, no management skills, no communication skills," Tapper pressed. "Let's start with leadership skills. Where are his leadership skills wanting in your view?"

"You look at the leaks from the White House," Cuban replied. " Any organization -- I've been in take-over scenarios -- companies I've purchased where there's been bad culture, right? You have to sit down and, where people disagree with you, you've got to say 'Look, there's going to be issues but let's discuss this. Let's communicate so you don't have to communicate with the public. If you have a problem, have that problem with me, tell me and let's resolve it.'"

"That's not what he's done," he continued. "When you don't communicate you cocoon yourself that's where you get leak issues. I've heard stories from the technology industry, they were leading people out in plastic handcuffs. They thought they leaked. They said, 'You're fired. We'll take your stuff.'"

Watch the video below via CNN: