Nobody's 'covering my back': Ex-FBI agent tells Senate he doesn't trust Trump to protect him from Russia
Former FBI Special Agent Clinton Watts testifies before the Senate Intelligence Committee (Screen cap).

Clinton Watts, a former FBI Special Agent who is now a senior fellow at the Foreign Policy Research Institute, made a startling admission about fears for his personal safety during his testimony at a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing on Thursday.

When talking about measures that the Russian government could take to retaliate against him for his testimony, Watts said his biggest fear was that he simply didn't trust the Trump administration to keep him safe.

"My biggest fear isn't being on Putin's hit list or psychological warfare targeting, I've been doing that for two years," Watts explained. "My biggest concern right now is, I don't know what the American stance is on Russia, and who's going to take care of me. I mean, after years in the army and the FBI... today I'm going to walk out of here and ain't nobody going to be covering my back."

To emphasize his point, Watts finished by saying, "I'm going to be on my own, and that's very disconcerting."

Watch the full video below.