REVEALED: Silicon Valley's dark underbelly of white nationalist Trump bros
Man sitting at desk looking on computer screen (Shutterstock).

Silicon Valley has a reputation for embracing diversity and preaching tolerance -- but a new investigation also reveals that it's a hotbed for white nationalist Trump fans.

Mother Jones's Josh Harkinson has written a lengthy report about the underground alt-right subculture within the tech industry, which consists of mostly while male engineers who believe that white people are the rightful owners of all technological innovation, and who think that people from other races who work in the tech world are usurpers.

Harkinson's piece contains interviews with several prominent alt-right figures, as well as some anonymous alt-right software engineers who work at major companies such as Facebook and Google.

Andrew Auernheimer, a notorious racist hacker who goes by the name "Weev" online, explains to Harkinson that this alt-techie movement is fueled by the belief that "most contributions that built the internet came from white people" and that "our contributions are essentially being stolen from us."

A techie who regularly posts under the name "White Morpheus" at the neo-Nazi website Daily Stormer explains to Harkinson that he's fed up with tech companies importing Asian engineers whom he describes as "unqualified subcontinentals who were brought in by visa fraud to drive down American engineering wages" and who "produce sub-par work product."

Most of these techie Trump fans are not willing to identify themselves publicly, however, for fear that doing so would harm their careers.

"If I posted publicly about what I told you, I'd get fired," an anonymous Google engineer tells Harkinson. "Even with Trump, there is huge cultural inertia."

The whole piece is worth reading and can be found at this link.