Sarah Palin calls on Trump to dump James Comey over alleged Clinton ties
Sarah Palin speaks to CNN (screen grab)

Sarah Palin called on President Donald Trump to dump FBI Director James Comey -- who she suggested was too closely tied to Hillary Clinton.

Comey confirmed Monday that the Department of Justice and FBI were investigating the Trump campaign's alleged ties to Russia, but the failed vice presidential candidate and former half-term governor of Alaska questioned his impartiality.

"Why is tainted Comey still part of Team Trump?" Palin said in a Facebook post. "How long does he get to ride the train?"

Palin linked to an article on her own website, written by Lawrence Richard and citing a dubiously sourced Sept. 10 report posted on Breitbart News that allegedly "exposed" Comey's connection to the Clinton Foundation.

The Breitbart report points to Comey's previous work for organizations that donated money or formed partnerships with the Clinton family's foundation but neglects to demonstrate any conflicts of interest in the FBI director's investigation of the Democratic presidential candidate's emails.

"The swamp runs deep," Palin said. "Where are Congressional 'investigators' on this conflict of interest issue? Why aren't dots more clearly connected by those in authority, those privy to information that we peasants are not?"

Comey angered many Democrats by notifying Congress just 11 days ahead of the election that the FBI was analyzing a new trove of emails potentially related to Clinton's personal server, although he announced nine days later that no evidence of wrongdoing had been found.

Many observers, including Bill Clinton and poll analyst Nate Silver, believe Comey's letter to Congress handed the election to Trump.