Carter Page defends meeting with Russians: 'Bigger meddling' was done with me than election
Michael Smerconish, Carter Page -- CNN screencapture

Appearing on CNN, former President Donald Trump adviser Carter Page claimed there was nothing wrong with meeting with his Russian contacts during the campaign and complained that he was more affected by FBI "meddling" than the country was by Russian interference.

Speaking with host Michael Smerconish, Page said he gave nothing to the Russians that couldn't have seen on CNN.

“Nothing I was ever asked to do, or no information I was ever asked for, was anything beyond what you could see on CNN,” Page explained. “Nothing I ever talked about with any Russian official extends beyond that publicly available immaterial information.”

Asked about the FBI using a file to get a FISA warrant because it contained allegations that he was working with the Russians and the Trump campaign at the same time, Page called the file "dodgy," but admitted he wasn't entirely sure what it contained.

“I think the dodgy dossier is the ultimate, at least from what we know thus far, the ultimate ‘try,’ and a swing and a miss thus far. But we’ll see what happens,” he told the host.

Page also lamented that the "the false narrative that has been out there" about himself is evidence of the "ultimate meddling."

“I think the bigger meddling in the election was what was done against me and potentially others,” he claimed.

Watch the video below via CNN: