Charles Blow inspired by the growing resistance: Americans aren’t numb to Trump's ‘unmitigated disaster’
Charles Blow (Screenshot/CNN)

As President Donald Trump closes in on 100 days as chief executive, New York Times columnist Charles Blow said he was encouraged to see the resistance to the former reality TV star's administration is holding strong.

"I must say that the issue of resilience was one that I worried and wondered about from the beginning," Blow wrote in Monday's column. "I worried that modern shortsightedness would prevent resisters from seeing the long game, that the exhaustion of constant outrage would numb them to unrelenting assault."

Blow has been delighted that Trump's political foes have remained undaunted, and their numbers even appear to be growing.

"Not only is the movement still strong, it appears to be getting stronger," he wrote. "People have found a salve for their sadness: exuberant agitation. Far from growing limp, the Trump resistance is stiffening and strengthening."

He has been encouraged by "throngs" of protesters showing up at town hall events hosted by lawmakers, and he said those resisters have apparently chased the Trump-backing Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) from office.

Voters are also calling their elected representatives to press them on issues, and young people are organizing resistance groups and using data to direct resources to winnable congressional races.

"Taken together, all signs are looking up for the movement," Blow said. "The Trump administration, from pillar to post, is an unmitigated disaster, lumbering forward and crushing American ideas and conventions as it does. Damage is being done, there is no doubt, but Americans are not taking it lying down. They are standing in opposition. They are feeling their power. They are energized, and I’m very much encouraged."