In an extensive Politico piece detailing President Donald Trump's evolving relationship with conservative media it is revealed that Roger Ailes at one time thought he could control then candidate Donald Trump only for him to finally concede he thought Trump was "crazy."

According to one Fox host who spoke with Politico, the long-time confidante to Trump increasingly saw the then-candidate spiraling out of control during the campaign including criticizing high profile hosts on Trump-friendly Fox News.

After Trump launched a sustained attack on popular Fox night time host Megyn Kelly, calling her a "bimbo," Ailes reportedly told the candidate, "Hey, Donald, settle the fuck down."

Additionally, the Fox head -- known for maintaining tight control over his subordinates -- told another associate that he believed that Trump was "crazy," but continued to work with him,  including after Ailes was ousted from Fox over sexual harassment claims.

According to another Fox News personality, Ailes maintained his relationship with Trump because, "he became legitimately afraid Trump would start his own network” if Trump failed to win the nomination.