REVEALED: Michael Flynn would have required additional vetting under Trump than what Spicer claimed Obama did
Gen. Michael Flynn speaks to NBC (screen grab)

Ret. Gen. Michael Flynn's position as the National Security Advisor would have required additional vetting for his top secret clearance, but it's unclear if President Donald Trump's administration did it.

Thursday, White House press secretary Sean Spicer blamed former President Barack Obama's administration for giving a security clearance to Flynn but Flynn's top clearance was revoked when he was "allowed to retire" in 2014. Any additional access would have come at the request of Trump or never happened at all.

CNN's Jim Sciutto reported that Flynn was warned to stop taking foreign money, but he didn't. He also revealed that Flynn would have received additional vetting in his new position.

"The most senior national security officials go through additional vetting when they take positions in the White House," Sciutto said. "That the responsibility of the new administration. The Trump administration."

If Spicer was correct and the Trump administration didn't vet Flynn because he had been vetted under Obama in 2015 it reveals either incompetence or culpability. If Flynn was vetted it raises questions as to why the Trump administration found it acceptable for Flynn to break the rules and possibly even the law.

The Pentagon announced this week that it'll do additional probes into Flynn.