'So what? That's a cover': Ex-CIA agent calls BS on Carter Page excuse he didn't collude with Russia
Ret. Rear Adm. John Kerby and former CIA agent Phil Mudd (Photo: Screen capture)

Former foreign policy advisor to President Donald Trump, Carter Page told CNN that he has been giving information to the CIA, FBI and other intelligence agencies for years about Russia. However, former CIA agent Phil Mudd called the statement nothing more than an excuse.

"So what? That's cover for saying, 'I didn't do anything wrong with Russians,'" Mudd told Wolf Blitzer Friday. "The question here is not whether or not you talk to the agency or bureau. The question is: did you not only have conversations with the Russians? Did you do things to influence an election? Day by day, including this reporting today, it's getting deeper and deeper."

Ret. Rear Adm. John Kerby explained that any person, whether they're in the United States or in Moscow, they are likely being monitored by the U.S. government.

"When I talked to the KGB, and when I talk to anyone at the Russian embassy, my assumption is they will report anything I say," Mudd continued. "And if I show a vulnerability -- if I have an extra drink, spend an extra dollar, complain about my Visa bill, they will find it and exploit it."

It was revealed Friday that Russia sought to infiltrate the Trump campaign and have Page monitor the person.

Watch the revealing conversation below: