UN Ambassador Nikki Haley: Russia is an ally 'when they want to be'
UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (Photo: Screen capture)

United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley told CNN's Jake Tapper that President Donald Trump's administration still considers Russia an ally.

"I want to get your reaction to new CNN polls out just minutes ago. Look at how Americans view Russia now compared to 2014," Tapper showed Haley. "Forty-one percent say Russia is friendly. That's almost double the numbers from three years ago. In 2014, 16 percent said Russia is friendly and now 56 percent of Americans say that. I don't think it's a mystery that President Trump has said very very positive things about Russia until about three weeks ago. This must alarm you that your party seems to have a different view of Putin than you do."

Haley swore it didn't alarm her at all and that the president has stood an amazing job showing strength on foreign issues.

"We've said if we can work with them, we will, especially on terrorism efforts, we can do that, but if they do something wrong we're going to call them out," Haley said. "It means we work with them when we can and when we can't work with them, we say the truth."

Tapper asked Haley if Russia was a friend or an ally.

"I think Russia's an ally when they want to be and they're not an ally when they don't want to be," Haley admitted. "The days they're an ally I will work with them."

Watch the clip below: