White House threatened legal action against ex-adviser Carter Page if he didn't stop calling himself Trump ‘adviser’
Carter Page (Photo: Screen capture)

Carter Page, the oil industry consultant currently under investigation by the FBI, was instructed to never refer to himself as an "adviser" to President Trump in a letter from Trump's White House counsel, LawNewz is reporting.

According to the report, a letter was sent by Trump transition lawyer Donald McGahn back in December bluntly putting Page in his place.

"You were merely one of the many people named to a foreign policy advisory committee in March of 2016 — a committee that met one time," now-White House counsel McGahn wrote to Page. "You never met Mr. Trump, nor did you ever ‘advise’ Mr. Trump about anything. You are thus not an ‘advisor’ to Mr. Trump in any sense of the word."

Page has become a problem for the Trump administration after admitting that he met with Russian agents while serving on Trump's committee -- with the agreement reportedly trying to recruit him.