'You should f*ck me': Trump-loving GOP candidate's drunken video causes local party to pull support
New Jersey Republican assembly candidate Brian McDowell propositions a woman at a bar (Screen cap).

The Cape May County Republican Party in New Jersey has pulled its support from an Assembly candidate it had endorsed after video emerged of him telling a woman in a bar that she should "f*ck" him.

Politico reports that Brian McDowell, a Trump-backing assembly candidate who was a contestant on the third season of the Apprentice, was caught on camera making lewd comments to a woman at a bar in the city of Wildwood, NJ.

"You should fuck me," said McDowell, an unmarried 41-year-old real estate broker who frequently slurred his words throughout the video. "It would really be good. Listen, you never know."

In an interview with Politico, McDowell acknowledged he'd made a mistake, but said he wasn't dropping out of the race -- and then compared himself to Jesus.

"There are human errors and even Jesus dropped the cross three times," he explained. "I'm not running to be the pope."

McDowell also admitted to Politico that he'd been drinking, but he said the video showed voters the high level of "confidence" he possesses.

"Yes, I had a couple of drinks but it also shows the confidence that I have in a room," he said. "And I believe in life most people enjoy confidence."

During the 2016 presidential campaign, McDowell claimed to have "potentially damaging" audio of Donald Trump that he obtained while serving as an Apprentice contestant, but he said that he wouldn't release it because he wanted Trump to win the presidency.

Watch the video of McDowell below.