MSNBC's Rachel Maddow broke fascinating news on her show this evening about Attorney General Jeff Sessions' supposed recusal from the Russia investigation.

Since James Comey was fired, there has been much public attention to the fact that AG Sessions hasn't actually recused himself from the Russia investigation if he can still fire the head of the FBI. Maddow has been trying to get the Department of Justice to clarify whether Sessions recusal from the investigation into the Trump campaign extended to investigation into former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort.

"Is Jeff Sessions involved in any work at the Department of Justice concerning Paul Manafort or is he recused?" Maddow wondered. "We can report tonight department will not say."

Maddow went on to explain how they started asking yesterday and claimed they, "asked it five times in five different ways" to no avail. The Session's DOJ simply refuses to answer.

"Something strange is up about whether and how they are leaning on [Manafort] as a potential corroborating witness, the leverage they may or may not be exerting on him." Maddow suggested. "But as the focus turns to obstruction of justice, watch the president knowing that the only remedy is impeachment."

"The remedy for obstruction of justice if committed by a president, there's only one remedy which is impeachment," Maddow had stated earlier in the show. "If the President obstructed justice deliberately with this firing, if he fired the FBI Director to effect the Russia investigation, the only remedy is impeachment. "

Watch the video:

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