Callista Gingrich set to become next US ambassador to Vatican following ethics investigation: CNN
Callista Gingrich -- Fox News screengrab

The wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich (R-GA) has moved to the top of President Donald Trump's list to become the next ambassador to the Vatican, CNN is reporting.

Early Sunday morning, CNN's Jeff Zeleny reported that Callista Gingrich is in the "final stages of confirmation, the ethics people are going through all of this," and that the announcement from the Trump White House could come this week.

According to CNN, the administration has decided on Gingrich -- a devout Catholic -- for the position, which could also see her husband -- a frequent Fox News guest -- moving to Italy with her.

The former congressional staffer married Gingrich in 2000 following his divorce in 1999 from his second wife, Marianne. According to the Chicago Tribune, the then-Callista Bisek gave a deposition used at at her future husband's divorce proceedings that the two had begun an affair in 1993 before he became House speaker.

The former congressman converted to Catholicism in 2010.