Chris Christie warned Jared Kushner that Trump 'better lawyer up and keep his mouth shut': report
Gov. Chris Christie and Donald Trump (

Gov. Chris Christie privately recommended to Jared Kushner that President Donald Trump should hire an outside lawyer to deal with the ongoing Russia investigation that threatens to swallow his administration.

Christie, who helped put together the initial Trump transition plan before Kushner pushed him out, publicly denied talking to the senior White House adviser about outside counsel -- but privately urged him to do so, reported Vanity Fair.

An administration source told the magazine the conversation "simply did not happen," but both sides confirmed Christie and Kushner had talked by phone, as they do frequently.

A person who claims Christie recounted the conversation said the governor told Kushner that Trump "better lawyer up and keep his mouth shut."

Christie's spokesman, however, said the account was "categorically false."

Kushner played an influential role in removing Christie as head of the transition team, which was overseen by Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

But White House sources said the pair have mended their relationship, and the Office of American Innovation overseen by Kushner appointed Christie to take charge of a task force on opioids.