Dan Rather: Even Nixon wasn't as 'untethered' from basic realities of the presidency as Donald Trump
Dan Rather (Photo: Screen capture)

In a new Facebook post, veteran journalist and former CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather said that he has never seen a week like the one that just ended.

Mediaite.com said that Rather wrote, "I have seen weeks of far greater darkness, of war, and death, and economic despair. I have seen weeks of more confusion and uncertainty," but he has never seen a week where a U.S. president "behaved with such a cavalier disregard for the norms and institutions of our democracy" as President Donald Trump has this week.

"The comparisons with Richard Nixon are plentiful these days, but even he did not seem so untethered from our basic governance. And I have never seen so many members of a political party rally around incompetence, intemperance, and inanity," said Rather.

"The threats, the lies, the willful disregard for the rule of law should be limited to the world of Hollywood caricature. To see this played out each night on the news, to read about ramblings and inconsistencies in justifications for actions that should never have been taken, is to see a moment of great peril for our nation," he said.

However, Rather wrote that he remains an optimist.

"I see the swellings of civic engagement and action. I hear the voices of those who demand that this subversion of our national ideals shall not stand. I have covered social movement of the past, and never have seen one where so much power and numbers lie on the side of the opposition. This is a clash for the values of our nation. Our destiny is in our hands."

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