Did he flip? Carter Page 'more than cooperating' with House Intelligence investigation
Former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page gives an interview with RT (Screen cap).

A prominent foreign policy advisor to the 2016 Donald Trump campaign is cooperating with congressional investigators looking into potential Trump campaign collusion with the White House.

ABC News reports that Carter Page is "more than cooperating" with the House Permanent Committee on Intelligence.

“In the interest of finally providing the American people with some accurate information at long last, I hope that we can proceed with this straight dialogue soon,” ABC News says Page wrote in a letter to the Intelligence Committee.

ABC News also reported that Page will not be testifying this week.

“While we anticipate interviews to begin shortly, we have agreed that the pace of those interviews will be dictated by the needs of the investigation and not the preferences of outside parties,” ranking committee member Adam Schiff (D-California) said in a statement.

In April it was revealed the FBI used a dossier alleging ties between Russia and Donald Trump’s campaign in order to convince a federal judge to grant approval for FISA warrant against Page.

If it is true that Carter Page is "more than cooperating" with congressional investigators, it could be noteworthy as Page has been suspected of being a top target to "flip" and testify as a prosecution witness.

“They’ve got to have a significant amount of intercepts, that is communications with the Russians that led them down this path,” ex-CIA officer Philip Mudd explained to Bill Maher. “Then you are going to get people who are going to flip because you’re going to walk in and say, ‘Son, you either get a federal charge or you’re going to talk.’ That person is going to go home to their wife and kids and say ‘I don’t want three hots and a cot in the federal pen. I’ll talk.'”

Previously, CNN reported that Russians used Carter Page to infiltrate the Trump campaign.