It was an otherwise slow night when news broke that The Guardian's Ben Jacobs had reportedly been "body-slammed" by Montana Republican Greg Gianforte, a Congressional candidate whose special election is tomorrow.

Twitter soon exploded with stories from the ground, updates on Jacobs' condition after he was taken to the hospital, and analysis of the unfolding events.

"Gianforte didn't want to talk about the CBO score," tweeted The Daily Beast's Matt Lewis. "Nevertheless, he persisted."

"Ben Jacobs broke last month that Gianforte has financial ties to US-sanctioned Russian companies," tweeted MSNBC's Peter Griffin.

Others shared screenshots of Gianforte's press release about the incident, which claimed that Jacobs wasn't "body slammed" and alleged that the reporter, rather than the candidate, committed assault.

Read the best reactions to the alleged "body-slamming" incident below.